Infant/ Toddler/ Kids: pricing & deliverables

Did you know that in their first year of birth, babies achieve a high rate of growth, almost similar to adolescence. Everyday is a new episode with the baby trying to do something new. It is a joy to capture them as they roll over, sit up, crawl and finally walk.

And toddlers - ah! They are a bundle of high energy, with a gradually developing mind of their own. It gets exciting as they speak their first words, respond to our instructions. The tiny being that once fitted the palm of our hand now suddenly is a commanding toddler! It is extremely challenging yet immensely satisfying to capture these tid-bits of life!

First year milestones typically are when they roll-over & are on their tummies (3-4 months), sitters (5-8 months), crawlers (6 - 9 months), standers/ walkers/ cruisers (8-12 months). Of course there is their pre-birthday shoot that could be a cake/ fruit smash session or a simple and elegant lifestyle session.  

Please click on any of the links below to view the various shoot session packages. Please click here for other Terms & Conditions

Please feel free to connect with me at +91 9717006887 if you would like to discuss anything about these packages or if you may have any queries. 

Copy of Copy of Aadi Rishika shoot


Rs. 7,000/-

  • Pre-shoot consultation over phone

  • 1-2 hours shoot session

  • 1 location only (indoor or outdoors)

  • Lifestyle session with minimal props

  • 10 edited, high-res images


Rs. 10,000/-

  • Pre-shoot consultation over phone

  • 2-3 hours shoot session

  • 2 locations (indoor & a nearby outdoor area)

  • Lifestyle session with minimal props

  • 15 edited, high-res images

  • 2 nos 6" X 9" vinyl prints


Rs. 15,000/-

  • Pre-shoot consultation over phone

  • 3-4 hours shoot session

  • 2 locations (indoor & a nearby outdoor area)

  • Lifestyle session PLUS one set-up shot (like picnic/ kitchen etc.)

  • 20 edited, high-res images

  • 4 nos 6" X 9" vinyl prints

  • A4 size premium moment books (10 sheets, regular paper)


*Additional points on pricing

  • Additional photos, if any, across any package can be purchased @ Rs. 500/ image

  • Low-res watermarked edited images are shared for making a selection of the final set

  • Please note that I do not share Unedited images with clients

  • All of these charges are inclusive of travel to and from the location, if any.

  • Additional charge of Rs. 1000 if the shoot session needs to be scheduled on weekends

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Other Terms & Conditions

  • RAW or unedited images would not be shared with the client

  • Payment terms: 50% on booking, 50% on event/ shoot day. Bank online transfers and cash are the accepted means of payment

  • Timeline: Images would be delivered within 3 weeks of shoot session/ event completion

  • Copyright: I would retain copyright of all these images and would be using select images from this event/ shoot session for my work promotion - both online and offline. Online would include (but is not limited to) my website, blog, Facebook page etc.

  • I may enter select images in relevant photocontests happening in India/ elsewhere.

  • Please give Picture Credit to my business page ( or if you share images shot by me on social media

  • Please note that making payment towards engaging my services would be equivalent to accepting the above-mentioned T&Cs

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