Har ghar kucch kehta hai


It is a pity that houses can't talk! If they could, imagine how vivid their recollection of your personal history would be. Little A used to sit in my balcony area and eat, master V would scribble about my walls, A & G used to sit and watch TV here and so on. You fought here in the patio, you made awesome tea in my kitchen area. After a long day's work, you came back to me, to sleep in my lap. I made you feel secure!

Volumes of personal history, getting silently recorded. Every single day. And then you decide to move on, carrying memories that you made in those 4 walls and transferring them to another house, located in another city. Sigh!

I recently got a chance to capture a beautiful family's moments, as they went about catching up over a few rounds of tea (woo hoo!!), their kids lost in their own world of Jenga, playdoh and fantasy books. 

Here is a snippet from their shoot. Hope you all would enjoy seeing them.