Sanah & Sahil's kashmiri wedding


Phew! It was a tough job creating a photo-story out of Sanah & Sahil's Kashmiri wedding, held in Delhi late last year. But I finally did it and feel extremely proud about it. 

So, a little something about these two. I met them in August 2015 as the newly-acquainted and yet-to-be-engaged couple. Their engagement was an elegant yet extremely chilled out affair and I had the opportunity of capturing their moments from that event. My excitement knew no bounds when these people booked me to cover their wedding as well. I looked forward to covering my first ever Kashmiri wedding. And I wasn't disappointed! Flavourful traditions, warm families, beautiful decor and most importantly, lip smacking Kashmiri cuisine. I will not talk much about Sanah & Sahil as they donned the roles of the bride & groom respectively as I feel the pictures would do a better job of revealing their personalities. 

Psst...It is a long-ish photo-story. Hope you would have the patience to scroll right till the end :)