P&N's traditional rajasthani wedding, held at Churu


Cleaning and organizing my system is a favourite activity. The feeling of achievement is great when you are able to free up XXX GB of data from your system! 😊 All goes well and I am about to close my system when I chance upon a wedding that I shot in 2013. A Rajasthani wedding of a college senior’s brother. My first “outstation” wedding. All those feelings of thrill, happiness, anxiety came flooding in and I began reminiscing about how wonderful the event was etc….

“Ammmaaaa!!” shouted Sudee. Apparently, she was hitting me for the last 5 mins, trying to see what I was doing. Reverie broken!

What if I were to present the same set of images in a different way? I quickly moved around the images, changed a few edits and here it is! Re-packaged! Some images that I would not have included as part of the final set now feature prominently in my story.

Have a look :)

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