Ms. E's "Turning ONE" shoot


The more I get to meet children as a part of being a professional photographer, the more I wish and pray that the world becomes a better place for them to blossom. 

This darling little girl makes me want to believe that there is still hope and joy in this world. Innocence is yet not completely lost. 

We had a lifestyle shoot session for E just as she turned ONE and boy did all of us have a great time. Not the one to be camera shy, E played on and along like a boss. These are the kind of sessions that are close to my heart because they allow kids & parents to be themselves. And I keep emphasizing that life is not just about celebrating big events. It is about capturing these small moments and preserving them through images. 

A few years later, when E grows up to be a school going kid, I am sure that she would be happy to remind herself of her joyous first year through these images. 

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