Miss. E & her turning 1 party


Photography is something that, I personally feel, one cannot be objective about. There is a certain level of attachment with the subject, especially when the person you are shooting happens to be one of the most adorable baby girls that you have ever met!

Miss E crossed her first major milestone when she turning ONE a couple of months back. And she was a party person right from the word go! This is probably the nth reason why I love doing what I do, and I hope that this shows in the photos as well. 

Scroll down to see this short set from her turning ONE birthday party held in Delhi. 

About me

Hi! I am Shambhavi Kartik, a photographer-mom based out of Delhi. I have been a birthday photographer for 3+ years now.

I also take up outstation birthday photoshoot assignements including first birthday event coverage, first birthday lifestyle shoot etc. Please do not hesitate to reach me at enquiry@shambhavik.com/ +91-9717006887 to know more about my offerings.