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60th Birthday celebrations, Delhi

I got the wonderful opportunity to document the very traditional and beautiful Shasthiabdhapoorthi (60th birthday celebrations) of our family doctor a few months back.

Shashtiabdhapoorthi is a Sanskrit name for a special ceremony on a person's sixtieth birthday. Shashtiabdhapoorti is celebrated on completion of 60 years of age of a person. This term is derived from Sanskrit in which Shashti means sixty; Abda–year; Poorthi-completion.

Spanning 2 days, the event was held at Sri Sarada Vidya Kendra in Delhi. Their children and other relatives flew in from across the world to celebrate this big milestone function.

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Miss E Turns ONE, a cute and charming first birthday party in Delhi

Miss E celebrated her first birthday party among friends and family members and was she a rockstar or what!

Hers was a cute little birthday party held in Dwarka’s Welcom hotel mall. Decor was tastefully done. The cake, especially was super cute, with lots of animal figurines.

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50th wedding anniversary celebration, Gurgaon (Gurugram)

It was a surprise anniversary party planned by Gurpreet & Roopa for their parents. The surprise and shock on aunty’s face was so evident. For a moment, I felt like just keeping my camera down and savouring the moment. And I couldn’t, for the fear of missing this beautiful moment for the family. Cons of being a photographer, eh?

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Golden jubilee celebration event, Delhi

Anand uncle and Meera aunty’s 50th wedding anniversary celebration event was held in CSOI (Civil Services Officer’s Institute) in Delhi. It was a simple get together of family and friends celebrating such a huge milestone.

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