'Lil E's turning one photoshoot in Dwarka, Delhi


Indoor candid photoshoot for first birthday milestone of little E - at a soft play area and studio

We had E’s first birthday milestone photoshoot as a mix of candid, natural shoot and a posed studio shoot in Dwarka, Delhi.

We chose to do the indoor shoot in Fundays, a very popular soft-play area for infants and toddlers, and concluded the same at my home studio.

E was so thrilled to see vivid colours and so many buttons to push (literally). He crawled his way up the staircase, down the soft slide and had a ton of fun.

And the fact that his father and I went to the same college just made the entire shoot all the more special.

Scroll down to see the entire set!

About me

Hi! I am Shambhavi Kartik, a photographer-mom based out of Delhi. I have been taking up infant and toddler photoshoots since 2016. I try to keep the tone of the shoot as natural and candid as possible, as I strongly feel that kids are best when they are in their natural environment or habitat. I also involve parents and grandparents in the shoot alongwith the baby - afterall it takes a village to raise a child!

Please do not hesitate to reach me at enquiry@shambhavik.com/ +91-9717006887 to know more about my offerings.