Ditching the cake, going All-fruit


As a photographer mom, the itch to do a cake smash for my soon-to-be-one girl was very strong. With no experience and no props for such a photo session, I was all over the place for ideas. Local shops didn't help either. After 3 days of doing rounds, I realized that none of the baby / party shops in my area knew about

a) a tutu skirt. Showing them the images did not work either. I was sadly given a "lace wali skirt" 

b) buntings... "hamare paas sirf happy birthday wale banners hain ji" was the standard response

c) tiered smash cake proved to be an utter waste of material and money

Sadly, I am not planned enough and hence could not order online. 

Also, point # c above made me almost drop the idea of a smash shoot. Almost! Because then I saw a huge watermelon in the market and firmed up my mind to do a "fruit smash" session instead. It was a good way to introduce Sudee to rest of the seasonal fruits and let her have a go at them. The shoot was easy on pocket, healthy and with minimal wastage. 

Of course, our fruit consumption went up DRASTICALLY that week ;) 

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