B&S's stylish post wedding shoot in The Roseate, Delhi


A sense of companionship, mutual understanding and respect are all that it takes to be happy in a marriage. I am not being preachy and speaking out of experience. 

And I could sense all these and more as I went about doing Bhavnoor & Shreyasi's couple shoot at The Roseate, Delhi, exactly a month after their wedding.

It was an effortless, under-2-hour (probably my fastest) post-wedding shoot! The moments & expressions flowed about naturally. There is no better way but to say that these two are made for each other!

Scroll down to see the excerpts from this beautiful session.

Psst..a little info for the other togs. These shots were taken between 6 and 7:30 in the morning on a slightly wintery Delhi morning. I used a Canon speedlite 600 EX II RT to light up the faces + maggrid + sphere. Used flash off camera..mostly at 45 degrees angle and on camera left.