A bit of J & J


Our rather touristy trip to Jodhpur & Jaisalmer. I have vowed to return to these cities and spend considerable amount of time to soak in the local culture. For now, here are some images from these two cities. And .a few tidbits:

1) Mehrangarh fort is huge. You will never be able to truly understand the significance of a room or a minaret without a guide. Engage a guide..he might even slip in a few nuggets of local historical gossip to make your 2 hour tour enjoyable ;) Let the husband and toddler be busy that way and YOU shoot! 

2) Sam sand dunes will have atleast 200 people at any point in time. You CANNOT escape the crowd nor the camels. I hated my camel ride. Should have taken the cart instead :(

3) Tea is awesome. Anywhere in Rajasthan! It is cooked perfectly. Just tell those dhabhawallas to limit the sugar

4) Gypsy restaurant in Jodhpur has delectable vegetarian thaalis. I vouch for it!

5) Blue city is not really blue :( And it is dirty, smells badly and the alleys are too narrow even for rickshaws to enter. Despite that it is beautiful. Houses intertwined, smoke billowing from somewhere and a view of Mehrangarh. Get an autowalla to show you around and pay them those extra 300 bucks. Worth it!

6) Hotel Ranbanka is horrible, Park Plaza is very good. And hotel Nirvana would remind you of chandni chowk. Infact, the old city in Jodhpur is an airy version of CC.