A dance concert, storytelling & more


When I quit my job in 2014, I thought that I knew what it would take for me to be a "photographer". Today, in 2018, I now know that I barely knew anything back then!! Sure, a pretty picture here, a well lit ceremony shot there, capturing the main jaimala moments correctly etc. were all working fine. What was probably latent was the intent behind making those pictures.

Then came along a photographer (who I still look up to, btw) who completely changed the way I looked at photography. He introduced me to the magical word of "storytelling". How do you mentally weave a story of the event that is unfolding right in front of your eyes so that your "set of images" convey something more cohesive & cogent. While it is important to be technically right with the images, what differentiates one photographer from the other is his/ her "vision". Photography is fiction and what you choose to show through an image depends a lot on your upbringing, your set of experiences in life etc. After all, It is your version of the truth!! 

This kuchipudi dance performance shoot was my first ever attempt to narrate a visual story of what happened and how I saw it. Since then I have largely been on this path of creating images that mean something together. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don't. But that's ok. 

So here is the "story" of that memorable dance concert.