Krithika-Tarun's tamil iyer wedding in Delhi


This is a throwback post to the first ever wedding that I covered as a "candid photographer". I still remember the rush when I got my advance amount. My hands quivered with excitement as I carefully packed my rented equipment and headed out to the mantapa. Anxiety, expectation and self doubt engulfed me as I went about covering the event. 

 Funnily, this is exactly how I feel everytime I shoot a wedding even now. The sense of responsibility to capture a bride and groom's special day is immense. 

This particular wedding will always remain close to me. They had a very simple Iyer wedding affair, followed by the "chunni chadhana" ceremony.  

I remember Krithika being extremely emotional during the "thaali" or tying the mangalsutra part of the function. I had been married for just a year back then and could completely relate to her emotions. 

Here is a very short story from Krithika and Tarun's wedding.  


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