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P&P's traditional rajasthani wedding in Bikaner

...yet another opportunity to capture a rustic, simple and heart-touching wedding story. I LOVE such weddings purely because they are sans any facade. There is so much happening at any time that it is a challenge to slice out meaningful yet alluring frames. It is a crazy swirl of emotions, customs & practices....

this is the 2nd part sharing the visual story of their wedding

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S&S's kashmiri pandit wedding, Delhi, Gurgaon (Gurugram)

My excitement knew no bounds when these people booked me to cover their wedding as well. I looked forward to covering my first ever Kashmiri pandit wedding. And I wasn't disappointed! Flavourful traditions, warm families, beautiful decor and most importantly, lip smacking Kashmiri cuisine.

The pre-wedding events from groom side were held in The Bristol Gurgaon and that of the bride in Fortune hotel, Delhi. It was also the venue for the main wedding event.

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