S&K's bihari wedding, Delhi


Traditional Bihari Wedding photoshoot in Delhi

This is the story of two doctors hailing from different states, brought together by love. Sonam is a fellow Harry Potter fan & Krishna loves listening to evergreen hits of yesteryear. While she wore a red "choora" for the ceremony, he pulled-off an interesting yet heavy headgear with great ease. Their Jaimala evening was made memorable & lively by their friends. And for the first time, I saw so many doctors without their scrubs or smocks...at the same time! :P 

My first Bihari wedding as a photographer (and as a spectator), I was intrigued by their interesting & unusual customs. All my doubts & queries were very politely explained away by their friends & relatives. 

So here is the short & sweet wedding story of Krishna & Sonam :) 

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